Storage Design and Solutions

Storage SolutionsDo you have a closet or perhaps a space in the attic or garage or maybe even a little nook under the kitchen sink that you know would be perfect for storage, but you aren’t sure how it can be best utilized?

Maybe you are looking for the perfect storage product or solution to solve an organizing dilemma?

Want to turn a corner in your dining room in to an office? Want to create a craft area in the guest room closet?

Have you admired the storage solutions at the home improvement and design stores, but you don’t have the time to take on the project or perhaps putting it all together is just not your cup of tea?

If you have an idea, a desire, or a need, we can help! The Simplicity Shop has a passion for finding and designing creative storage solutions to fit your space. We can even pick up the materials, assemble and install it. From big projects to simply making recommendations for the products to help you do it yourself, we love to help our clients maximize storage and create amazing, efficient, and stylish spaces.

A sample of our storage design and solution services:

Storage Design Product Assembly Storage Installation Product Research & Recommendations
Space Assessment Garage Storage Systems Product Shopping Product Delivery
Custom Closet Design  Space Accessorizing Home Office Workflow Design  Storage Shelving & Racks